College Life

College Life

Welcome to Excelsior Community College (ECC), average population 2000 – your gateway to a new world. Students are from varying backgrounds, but you immediately feel at home. 


An ECC education does so much more than equip you with the basic knowledge and skills that you might need in any given field – it provides you the opportunity to think outside the box and evolve as a person so that you can actively participate in those areas that you feel most passionate about and enjoy a successful and fulfilling life.


ECC provides a high-quality educational experience that gives students the ability to think independently, evolve individually and act globally. The College’s philosophy is one that is nurturing, and is supportive of the holistic development of all of its students.


The College supports and assists students with enhancing their academic experience through student involvement; leadership and personal development; cultural, educational, and social programming; and in becoming active, civic-minded community members and citizens. We therefore strongly encourage students to enrich their lives while here with experiences that reach far beyond the regular classroom. Through academic, social and cultural groups and involvement in clubs and activities, students are provided with opportunities to join organizations that interest them, support causes they believe in, or just have some good, old-fashioned fun with a diverse group of their peers. There is so much to choose from – and if for some reason you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can start your own group! 

Here at Excelsior Community College, we are committed to providing you with the opportunities that will put you in very good stead in making the transition from being students to being well balanced ladies and gentlemen, who will be able to make positive and long lasting contributions to their chosen professions as well as to the wider society, and lead very fulfilling lives.

The College’s two major campuses (Mountain View and Camp Road), are centrally located in Kingston and offers easy access to the bustling Downtown Kingston, New Kingston as well as to the major surrounding business districts. Providing students with a high-quality, well-rounded education has always been our primary focus, while this will never change, the way our students learn has changed. The learning experience now includes internships, work experience and creative instructional methodologies. As a result, students are ready to contribute to society sooner and more effectively.

Best of luck in adjusting to college life and learning at college!

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